Occupational Safety Links

Alberta Municipal Health & Safety Association

BC Municipal Safety Association

BC Centre for Disease Control 

Canadian Society of Safety Engineering
The national association for occupational safety people in Canada.

Alberta Human Services
The regulator for the majority of workers in Alberta. Lots of good referrals and links for other sites.

Washington State Department of Labor and Industries – Wisha Services
The regulator in the State of Washington. An interesting site. Worth a visit.

The regulator for 90% of workers in BC. If you operate in BC then you need to keep up to date on them.

Labour Canada
The regulator for workers falling under federal authority in Canada. Includes inter-provincial transportation companies, federal employees, telecommunication companies, and others.

Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety
One of the most comprehensive OSH sites anywhere. A definite must see.

Occupational Safety & Health Agency (OSHA)
The federal regulator in the USA. Great site with lots of links, technical OSH information, free software etc. Worth a look for anyone involved in OSH regardless of where you are from. Not an easy site to find your way around but well worth the time.

Transportation Links

Transport Canada TDG
A great site full of good information on the Transportation of Dangerous Goods regulations in Canada.

Insurance Corporation of BC
A comprehensive site, more focused on the general public than commercial vehicle operators but still with lots of good information.

Cycling safety, education and leadership. For people who want to help make cycling safer.

One of the leading providers of corporate driver safety training solutions. Well worth a look.