BC Safety Committee Conference

Coming Fall of 2022


April 4-5, 2022

Vancouver BC


Western Conference on Safety April 4-5, 2022  BACK IN PERSON (& fully vaccinated!)

The largest Occupational Health & Safety conference in Western Canada returns to Vancouver April 4-5, 2022. Planning is underway for this milestone event.  We have been monitoring many large BC events as well as paying close attention to all Public Health briefings notices, orders, briefings and more to ensure the 2022 Western Conference on Safety meets and exceeds all proper protocols. Vaccine Passports will be required for all attendees, speakers, exhibitors, staff and everyone else!

We are excited that we will be back this spring and looking forward to see you all.  More information should be posted here regularly. 

 BC Safety Committee Conference 

Due to Covid-19 the next BC Safety Committee Conference dates are to be determined. We hope to have more information available later this fall.

Here are 4 key benefits that we suggest you use to convince your boss that you should attend:

1) Demonstrates that even in challenging times On-The-Job Safety is still a top priority in your organization.

2) Workplace accidents are expensive! They not only hurt people, they damage product and process machinery. This conference will help save money by giving you the tools needed to keep your accident/injury incidents as low as possible.

3) Helps build morale by doing something positive in these tough times.

4) Attending even 1 day of the conference can satisfy WorkSafeBC’s Annual Safety Committee Training Requirement.