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In keeping with the new BC Public Health Orders, as of July 1/21 face masks are no longer mandatory in our training courses. If you are fully vaccinated then masks are optional, if you are not, then masks are strongly recommended and appreciated. You may see our trainers or other participants continuing to wear face masks regardless of their vaccination status, depending on their personal choice. We want everyone to feel comfortable with their decision to either wear or not wear a mask on our courses. Regardless of whether you choose, we ask you respect other’s choices and the decisions they make for their own and the health of others. Please keep in mind we are all at different levels of comfort with the new situation and need to do what feels best to each of us to support the health of ourselves and others around us. To aid you in your decision on whether to wear a facemask at one of our open enrollment courses we want to let you know that all our open enrollment courses continue to limit class size to 50% of normal, have individual desks or tables with hand sanitizer for each participant, regularly clean and disinfect high touch areas and follow other Covid-19 prevention best practices