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February 2021

Masks Mandatory While Participating in Training

By Pacific Safety Center, Safety Committee Conference, Uncategorized, Western Conference on Safety

Masks are mandatory* in all common training spaces at the Pacific Safety Center Ltd whenever training is being conducted. Students can provide their own masks or use 1 of our complimentary disposable non-medical masks. While we strongly recommend wearing masks at all times, once a student is seated in the training room or desk and properly social distanced, they may, if they choose, remove their mask. They must use their mask in any of our common hallways, bathrooms, staircases, front entry areas or other similar common spaces or anytime when not seated at their table/desk in the training room.

In the interest of being heard, the instructor is not required to wear a mask while instructing, but he/she is required to maintain a 3 metre distance while instructing, or, if unable to maintain 3 metres, must wear a mask.

*As per WorkSafeBC, exemptions will be granted to those students with with health conditions or with physical, cognitive, or mental impairments who cannot wear one, people who cannot remove a mask on their own, people who need to remove their masks to communicate due to a hearing impairment..